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Laser hair removal is introduced

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser hair removal is introduced

the principle of laser hair removal, hair removal:

laser hair removal is demostrated principle and specific wavelength laser choose different target and selective absorption, and heat exchange to break down the follicle. Laser energy inside the hair follicle and hair follicle destroyed by energy, and make the hair stop growing. About 15 - because of the laser energy 20% can penetrate the skin of the dermis, so have the melanin of skin and deep hair follicles are selective thermal damage, make the hair follicle atrophy, reach the effect of hair removal.

advantage of laser hair removal:

the advantages of laser hair removal: a laser hair removal instrument wavelength moderate

laser hair removal is with better wavelength of 808 nm, can achieve accurate hair follicles, apply to different area and depth of the hair follicle, remove any part of the human body of melanin.

laser hair removal. 2: the advantages of laser hair removal equipment energy optional

different company's laser hair removal, laser power, is regarded as the power of different laser hair removal equipment of the same company is different also, so is suitable for medium, all kinds of beauty salon, medical institutions to choose suitable laser hair removal equipment

the advantage of laser hair removal three: number of pulse laser hair removal device, pulse width, pulse can tone; Laser hair removal instrument can choose different energy according to the different color of skin, the appropriate pulse for hair removal, make sure that no one guest to optimize configuration. Including the choice of pulse width and pulse number varies from person to person.

laser hair removal of the advantages of four: when the laser hair removal cooling technology does not damage the skin

on the market most likely due to the high energy laser hair removal instrument burns customers, no skin protection function, a new type of semiconductor laser hair removal device adopts a new non-contact laser cooling, used in the operation with the operation of the cooling technology head close to the skin, make local skin cooling, not only effectively protect the normal skin not heat injury, relieve pain, and can improve the energy utilization ratio and improve, avoid the skin pigmentation after hair removal, can appear the phenomenon such as inflammation of the skin.

the advantages of laser hair removal five: fast sliding light hair removal

semiconductor laser hair removal equipment not only USES the contact sapphire laser cooling, but also increase the surface area of the operating window and sliding hair removal technology, in ensuring that the epidermis has increased the hair removal efficiency at the same time.

E light hair removal instrument: E refers to the IPL hair removal instrument intense pulsed light installed in the manipulator with wavelength of 610 nm - 1200 - nm filter, hair removal instrument for hair removal.

laser hair removal device, such as laser hair removal instrument is using fixed wavelength of 808 nm and 940 nm wavelength for hair removal laser hair removal equipment

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