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Laser hair removal is operating price

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser hair removal instrument operation price

hair removal and is now a trend of popular, before the traditional way is to use depilate cream for hair removal. But that method was now almost people abandoned, because that kind of hair removal creams belong to chemical drugs, has a great influence to the skin. Some even can cause very serious adverse consequences. In recent years, with beauty equipment of new generation, laser beauty hair removal become more and more popular trend. Many friends believe that chooses laser cosmetic apparatus, however, laser hair removal is the price of the operation? Underneath, small make up to introduce for you.

the price of laser hair removal? Shanghai's series of semiconductor laser hair removal beauty instrument, using the wavelength of 808 nm, effective penetration depth can reach the target (target tissue Dermal papilla) , suitable pulse duration enough heat generated in the target tissue damage and surrounding tissue is almost not affected; The right amount of energy density in the appropriate time to provide a strong enough energy output is enough to damage the target tissue and normal tissue around almost unaffected, thus the operation, while to achieve design requirements as semiconductor hair removal laser cosmetic series specially designed multiple pulse laser in selecting the mode of low energy density will hair follicle heated to above 75 degrees Celsius and by gunner sliding to maintain a period of time, hair follicle heat coagulation is inactive, so as to achieve the aim of depilation chooses laser hair removal instrument operation, different laser hair removal device has a different effect, so prices are set according to your chosen instrument, method of laser hair removal device, & lt; Will give you a satisfactory results.

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