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Laser hair removal is the freezing point

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Freezing point laser hair removal is

now there are many ways to do hair removal but rarely to hair removal, hair removal instrument is one of them. Hair removal instrument itself is divided into a lot of kinds, freezing point laser hair removal is freezing point fewer depilatory hair removal equipment of all equipment.

freezing point laser hair removal is we called 808 semiconductor laser hair removal device, using 808 nm laser, can add targeted removal of the hair. 808 nm laser is suitable for hair melanin absorption of light energy, the instrument is issued after laser, laser was quickly hair melanin absorption, produce a lot of heat, heat coagulation dermal papilla, stop hair growth.

as light most of the instruments to be absorbed by the hair melanin, the skin melanin absorption is less, so as not to bring a lot of heat to the skin, plus sapphire cooling measures, can be hair removal state of freezing point. Moreover, skin absorbs reduce melanin, passed to the nerve of the heat in the dermal papilla, less will not stimulate the nerve, brings the pain. That is why we say that freezing point instrument MAO laser hair removal is freezing.

in addition to 808 semiconductor laser hair removal instrument can be used for all hair, e light beauty instrument, OPT also can never hair beauty equipment, just because the two machine is the band of light, and therefore in a slight tingling of hair removal.

the content of the freezing point laser hair removal instrument is introduced here, if you are interested to know more details please contact us directly.

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