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Laser instrument influential to sweat after hair removal

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Having laser hair removal apparatus of any impact to sweat

imagine a facial features handsome generous, shapely, body hair is too long will make the overall image of a big discount? There are many kinds of hair removal method, a lot of beauty parlour choose to use laser cosmetic instrument for the customer hair removal, hair removal experience better effect also good, but after the hair removal laser instrument influential to sweat?

semiconductor laser hair removal instrument is to use the light of the selective principle of field, reasonable adjust good laser penetrate the skin surface to hair follicle tissue, light energy is converted into heat energy damage local hair follicle tissue, hair loss, and then achieve the goal of hair removal. Most hair-removal customers almost no pain, laser hair removal part in America after laser hair removal will have slight, rubber band pop-up tickling feeling, to bear ability is not the same and different parts of the body skin, feeling is not the same.

laser hairdressing hair removal will not affect the sweat, because the hair follicles and sweat glands are two respectively independent structure, the hair from the follicle level, while the sweat glands next to hair follicles, which is not the same. Laser hair removal is the process of the destruction of the cells of hair follicle growth, will not affect the sweat glands, so will not affect the sweat, also don't have to worry about.

laser instrument influential to sweat after hair removal? The answer is no, so don't need to worry about more. Laser hair removal is not can be done at a time, is according to the actual circumstance of each person's hair,

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