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Laser instrument remove spots need several times

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser instrument and remove spots need several

due to endocrine, environmental or other factors, many people in the face of the ugly spots, affect the person's facial image and brings psychological burden. Laser cosmetic instrument is the commonly used a beauty salon equipment, laser and remove spots, is also a useful method, then the laser instrument remove spots need several times? Stefano small make up to answer for you now.

laser instrument remove spots need several times? This needs to be treated spots cause analysis, due to various spots depth and the concentration of the different, is divided into dermis and epidermis laser remove spots need to manipulate the number of times is different, lighter spots, need is less, on the contrary, more dark spots need some more times. Number of laser instrument and remove spots mainly related to the following factors:

1, the types of plaques

laser remove stains can be removed, a variety of spots, the depth of the plaques are not the same. Shallow brown spots can solve by 1 ~ 2 times, and dark spots removing is difficult, you need more the number of times.

2, skin type

laser is dispelling the spot according to the actual condition of skin to specific plan to remove spots, different person's skin to bear ability is different, the required number of laser remove spots is different also.

3 spots, area size

everyone's splash area is different, color spot area is larger, the laser remove spots number is more, on the other hand, the color spot area is lesser, requires fewer.

laser instrument remove spots need several times? Is this cannot treat as the same, it is according to the actual situation of each person to develop a plan, Shanghai stefano photoelectric technology co. , LTD. , the laser remove spots instrument type is more, beauty salon can choose according to the demand, if you have questions

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