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Laser instrument wash tattoo effect how

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Effect of laser instrument wash tattoo how

there are a lot of people in the tattoo to wash tattoo, because once love tattoo brings the certain effect to the life and work, such as looking for object, probably because of a tattoo rejected by others. Tattoos are easy to wash the tattoo is not easy, the traditional method of wash tattoo as a pain and difficult to remove tattoo, laser cosmetic instrument can wash tattoo, but laser instrument wash tattoo effect how?

what kind of laser instrument is to be able to wash the tattoo? Small make up recommend using single pulse energy is greater than or equal to 400 mj passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, using light to blasting principle to achieve the goal of wash tattoo. High-energy laser reach the moment of tattoo pigment, heat expansion cracked into pigment particles, partly by epidermal eduction body outside, others are as human lymphatic circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, is gradually remove tattoo. Wash tattoo laser instrument effect very good, will not damage the normal skin tissue, is a kind of method of wash tattoo.

laser wash tattoo machine during operation, in accordance with the color of the tattoo choose different laser wavelength, single tattoo pigment is easy to remove, mixed color tattoo is difficult to wash off. Tattoo color shades, design, size, and so on are all different, laser wash tattoo operation scheme is also different, and wash tattoo need to be the number of times is different, not as people imagine one can wash tattoo, is according to the specific circumstances of individual.

wash tattoo laser instrument effect how? Wash tattoo laser cosmetic instrument effect is fairly good, but the postoperative considerations can not be ignored, such as sunscreen, remove redness anti-inflammatory and so on, or it will affect the effect of wash tattoo,

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