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Laser instrument will remove spots

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser instrument will remove spots?

face a spot, can bring a big influence to people, not only affect the person's facial appearance, but also brings a certain psychological burden, so let's remove points as early as possible. Laser remove spots is now very popular a kind of method, can help people solve the trouble spots, but the laser instrument can remove spots?

remove splash effect better laser beauty equipment, mainly include tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument and lattice laser equipment, using a laser selective effects on different skin tissue, the specific wavelength laser only to splash, generally will not affect the normal skin tissue, under the action of light, the spots will be vaporized decomposition, and then naturally out of the body as the body's metabolism. Laser remove spots than the traditional method, not only can remove spots of distress, but also should be white and delicate than before.

after laser instrument remove spots, operating parts could be black, one might think that this is, in fact this is a sign of the repair after skin contact laser, once appear back to black, the metabolism of the skin can automatic pigment deposition, that is to say, the pigment is usually appears again in 2 - after the appearance of black Three months faded, metabolic ManZhe requires 3 - For six months.

laser instrument can remove spots? After laser remove spots should pay attention to prevent bask in, or open an umbrella go out pay attention to use sunscreen, avoid eating spicy excitant food and strenuous exercise, lest cause skin flush, fever, can get good effect on laser remove spots,

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