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Laser multi-function cosmetology instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser multi-function beauty is

use hairdressing apparatus in order to develop beauty project has been most beauty institutions would approach now, if there is one instrument besides can develop their own core can also carry out other projects will be very good for beauty institutions, today small make up to bring the contents of the laser multi-function beauty.

laser cosmetic instrument are commonly used to remove stains, and according to the energy divided into eliminating leather spot and remove skin spots instruments. Take the energy of 400 mj laser cosmetic instrument for besides can remove spots can also wash wash tattoo eyebrow, etc. , and is now more popular vervet doll tender skin, can be said to be more a function of the instrument.

if really speaking of multi-function, small make up recommend also can consider to e light beauty equipment, except for hair removal of the popular items can also be used to remove spots ( , although can not be used for leather spot operation effect and operation efficiency to the operation of the epidermis spot is very surprise) , red, In northwest China, the operation is red, very hot) Tender skin (, Almost all beauty salon will have this project) Operation, acne, The same is a big demand) 。 If you also need to wash wash eyebrow tattoo, on the basis of e optical instrument equipped with a laser hand can be achieved, that is multi-usage, multi-function.

laser multifunction instrument and other types, such as lattice laser cosmetic instrument, etc. , but strictly speaking it does not belong to the category of the laser, so small make up is not involved. So if you want to choose a multi-function instrument should first clear, beauty project is what you want to search for the instrument according to the project, not sure if you want to carry out the project, then choose a e light beauty instrument is a safe and reliable.

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