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Laser new device to remove spots

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser remove spots new instrument

laser remove spots is beauty salon is very common instruments, small and medium-sized beauty salon use more laser remove spots instrument is 400 Jackson's tuning Q laser energy instrument MV11, large beauty institutions are using a single pulse energy is 800 Jackson's 1064 QCH, today we introduce new instrument 1064 QGH laser remove spots.

1064 QGH is divided into two types, single pulse energy are respectively in 2000 and 1200 mj Michael Jackson, 2000, Jackson's laser energy are in a position, even in the instrument of pulse width can achieve 2 small. 5 ns, ACTS on the skin to the skin damage is small, does not affect the normal life work and rest.

and other types of tuning Q laser instrument, 1064 QGH used is a laser wavelength of 1064 nm and 532 nm laser wavelength, for black, brown, blue, red, brown, brown pigment pathological changes has very good effect, such as the principle of removing splash is blasting pigment particles, the laser energy after the bursting of the pigment particles become extremely tiny particles, can be as slowly out of the body. Because laser remove spots instrument pigment pigment is the mechanism of blasting operation, so the splash after operation will not, for some of the affected by the sun, season or endocrine discoloration, such as chloasma or freckles, after operation need to pay attention to prevent bask in, keep the good life habit, otherwise might have come back after remove spots.

laser remove spots here small make up the new instrument is introduced, in addition to various spots, laser vervet doll can also be used to remove spots instrument, tender skin, white porcelain doll to wash wash tattoo eyebrow, etc. , if you have intention to know more, please contact us directly.

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