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Laser off labial wool

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser hair to take off the lip

in the wool short-tempered character also just, don't grow hair lip on the edge of the mouth, or you really don't like the girl. Now the number of women to take off the lip hair grew and stefano laser to take off the lip hair is also very popular. Using hair removal technology to take off the lip hair nature is good.

stefano laser hair to take off the lip is a optical physics hair removal method, main is to use the laser energy absorption effect of field of melanin to melt the hair, and suppress the hair follicle germinal features, and the hair removal process is selective intelligence, no damage to the skin, synchronized cooling, rf device can also after hair removal, to a certain degree of tender skin firming effect. Laser lip hair off like laser armpit hair, to take off the leg hair, also should according to the hair growth cycle stage 3 ~ 5 times, finally labial wool.

stefano laser to take off the lip is adapted to the MAO or thick or thin lips hair, and now laser hair removal laser mode are: yes, it is freezing cold light type, hair removal effect is almost in eliminating hair follicle activity, just make the hair not to grow, not damage to surrounding tissues. Laser to take off the lip after MAO, sweating, color of skin is normal, but in a short time to pay attention to strengthen prevent bask in, hair removal parts within a few days and don't touch water, that would not leave scar, no side effects. Laser hair removal, as it were, apply to the degree of each place different shades of hair removal, and because a cold touch device, laser off labial wool is, therefore, can make the lips are descended to clean up and down.

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