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Laser operation of pigment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser operation of pigment is

a person's skin affected by various factors, such as endocrine imbalance, improper use sunlight or ultraviolet light, cosmetics, etc. , can cause the emergence of pigment spots. Pigment spots will generally affect the person's appearance image, brings a lot of trouble, laser operation of pigment is can help people to remove pigment spots, restore confidence of their looks.

people's skin type is more, pigment skin problems such as freckles related to genetic, such as common spots related to sun exposure, black rot generally occur in deep color of skin, and the relationship between hormone levels; Pigmentation after inflammation, have much to do with the light aging and cosmetics, some were found in relatively deep color of skin.

Shanghai stefano beauty equipment manufacturers of laser operation of pigment had a good breakthrough, by using the principle of the tuning Q laser technology and light induced by blasting. Laser operation of pigment is USES the itself strong instantaneous power, concentrated radiation energy, have a choice of pigment particles, through the body of the loop line, and the body will not affect the normal skin tissue. Laser cosmetic instrument remove pigment spots effect is very good, damage, there will be no scar, little pain, no side effects.

laser pigment operation to remove pigment is, won't produce damage skin, less pain, restore faster, also does not affect people's work and life. Currently popular laser pigment operating 1064 QCH, 1064 QTH, etc. , if you are interested in these a few beauty instrument,

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