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Laser operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser operation is

laser operation type many, many beauty institutions clients when the choice is always there are some questions, that is exactly how should choose? Small make up to now we explain how the laser operation is classified in detail, you should value what factors when the choice.

laser operation is mainly used to remove stains, classification and its main points from the energy of the instrument itself to size. Kind is we often say laser eyebrow washing machine, professional called single pulse 200 mj passive q, can learn from the name, this instrument is used to wash wash eyebrow eyeliner etc. But for deeper tattoo we do not recommend the use of this instrument operation. The second type of single pulse 400 mj is mainly used to remove regular splash wash tattoo is enough, of course, but for removing chloasma need to repeatedly for many times, at the same time, we do not recommend using this instrument operation.

the third class is 800 mj, single pulse laser operation, the size of this energy instrument can basically meet the demands of all customers remove spots, not only for regular spot effect is very good, easy to repeated spot operation effect on chloasma, etc is good. The fourth class is active tuning q laser, which also energy field size, conventional energy 800 mj, the instrument of this series and more than a few main difference in active tuning q series are free to adjust energy size, not as passive q can only adjust to certain fixed values.

so when choosing laser operation is how to judge this instrument is good, mainly from the following three aspects: the higher the energy, the better, the second spot area of the circle, the better, the third the shorter the pulse width, the better. Above is the small make up today to explain all of the content, hope to help you choose and buy oh.

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