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Laser remove spots beauty equipment

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser remove spots beauty equipment

spot is a very common skin problems, a lot of people because of spots appear affected the life and work, let a person's facial spots don't look natural, influence people's mood, increase psychological burden. Laser cosmetic instrument is a common remove splash instrument, dispelling the spot speed is quick, effective, so what are the main spot beauty instrument, laser remove?

laser remove spots beauty spots effect instrument is how to realize the remove? Instantaneous emission of high energy laser, laser remove spots apparatus focused on macular pigment tissue, heat expansion cracked into pigment particles, part directly through the skin in vitro, and the other part of the pigment particles is along with the human lymphatic circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, pigment spots gradually disappear. Selective laser remove spots for pigment, will not damage the normal skin, also won't cause scar, the pain is small, convenient. Laser remove spots beauty equipment main advantage:

1, the effective

yes the Q technologies used in laser remove spots, laser remove spots are pointed, accurate operation facial pigment spots. Single pulse laser operation time very short, and effectively avoid the injury to the skin.

2, simple and quick

due to the pigment of skin tissue can absorb certain wavelengths of high energy laser in an instant, when operating beam can accurately hit the pigmentation in place, so the laser dispelling the spot operation speed is quick, is also relatively simple.

3, no recovery

laser remove spots there is no recovery after operation, in general, as you do, can be normal work, also do not affect life, it is very convenient to people's life and work.

4, effects,

beauty who CARES a lot o laser remove splash effect how, in fact, under the action of melanin pigment in high-energy rapid expansion, blasting fragmentation into small particles, and will be out of the body, may also greatly reduces the repeated.

this is simple introduction of laser remove spots beauty instrument, Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturers of tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument is a kind of very popular laser remove spots instruments, can not only remove spots, also can wash tattoo tattoo eyeline, vervet doll project to do,

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