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Laser remove spots have side effect?

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser remove spots have side effect?

stefano laser is against one of the most common way of beauty of the stains or spots on her face, when it comes to laser remove spots, many torture beauty is concerned with the operation will be won't have side effects. Stefano beauty equipment experts take you understand the way the beauty, and the cure

after treatment of nursing work to how to do.

in fact, after a long time, the clinical application of laser remove spots is basically have no side effects, also won't have any adverse reaction, but it depends on the quality of operation and postoperative nursing is correct, at the end of the first operation should pay attention to diet

, can't eat the food of high pigment content, prevent pigment calm in local, such as coffee, and photosensitive foods such as celery and try to avoid eating spicy excitant food, and protect the cleaning of operating area, avoid infection, in addition the operation

the skin will become very sensitive and delicate, easy to leave a mark, so you need to pay attention to the maintenance and prevent bask in a few days after surgery, avoid to go out, and be sure to use sunscreen.

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