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Laser remove spots, medical beauty equipment in the industry

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser remove spots, the medical cosmetology instrument industry in

laser remove spots, 1064 q

laser remove spots, 1064 QGH principle is the use of selective solar-thermal effect, the energy released in a very short period of time. Pigment group after instantly absorbs high-energy laser rapid expansion, broken into small particles, these small particles are the back out to the body of macrophage cell in the body, the pigment gradually becomes shallow, disappeared after operation. 1064 king QGH laser remove spots advantage energy output is balanced, light spot coverage, makes the lesion site to get uniform operating simultaneously. Thus greatly improving the skin pigment problems the operation effect of

light arm + flat caps seven joint

1064 QGH using laser remove spots & other; Seven joints, light & throughout; , the original rigidity is not easy to operating the laser humanized design, convenient for doctors to face T zone or other narrow area of operation; The use of flat cap technology is play to the advantages of laser for skin damage.

other laser use & other; Opposite the point & throughout; Energy density of laser mode, each spot is not uniform, easy to cause a part of the energy increase to burn the skin. The new laser remove spots & other; Flat caps & throughout; After technology, can automatically avoid doctors operate too close to the risk of burns to the skin, and he will & other; Opposite the point & throughout; The laser emission mode to & other; Face to face & throughout; , the means of transmission of light energy density uniformity, not easy to cause skin bleeding.

Q switch frequency multiplication technology + energy packages

Q switch frequency multiplication technology & other; Adjustable laser & throughout; Operation, the innovation will energy package is formed directly to the pigment group, located within the dermis and rapid release in a nanosecond time, melanin absorption heat burst into tiny particles, then consumed by the phagocytes in the human body directly out to the body side by side.

in other types of laser to complete this process requires a 28-day cycle skin, to continue. And now a new laser remove spots, interval time reduced to 7 - every time 15 days, greatly improve the operation efficiency.

when the skin without damage, without obvious pain

frequency doubling of Q apply can make the laser remove spots, 1064 QGH distribution is uniform with flat cap, with & other Face to face & throughout; More gentle way effect the skin, almost not injure skin and surrounding tissue, blasting pigment.

treatment interval is reduced to 7 days, do not affect social laser remove spots 1064 QGH obviously is a blend of traditional laser focus suit the operation and composite colour light the double advantage of soft skin, the laser effect skin soft and comfortable, when energy and basic won't cause skin damage and hemorrhage. Therefore, it affectionately called & other; Soft skin laser & throughout; 。

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