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Laser remove spots

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser remove plaques

stain is a common skin problems, not only affect the person's facial appearance beautiful, also will bring psychological burden, is the influence of body and mind. Is there are many kinds of dispelling speckle method, laser remove spots machine can help people to effectively solve the problem of spots, but how to choose laser remove spots?

the current common remove spots machine mainly tuning Q laser cosmetology instrument, the basis of the principle of light induced by blasting, the high-energy laser instantaneous emission to splash, splash absorbing sunlight and heat expansion cracked into pigment particles, part directly through the skin in vitro, and the other part is with human lymphatic circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, spots gradually reduced or even disappeared, and does not affect the surrounding normal skin tissue, thus achieve the purpose of dispelling the spot.

laser remove spots after operation, the operating area may have a slight burns and skin with mild aglow phenomenon, this is normal phenomenon, don't worry; Operation site to keep clean, prevent infection and friction; 7 - operating parts have delusion of leather 10 days to fall off, do not use hand peel, otherwise the pigmentation, serious and easy legacy scar. After laser remove spots, should decrease as far as possible to go out in the sunshine or strengthen prevent bask in work, including support outside sunshade, wear a hat or sunscreen, etc. , do not eat hot excitant food and drink and smoke.

this is simple introduction of laser remove spots, tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument of nevus of ota, ITO, mole, chloasma pigment spots removing effect is very good, in addition, now the picosecond laser cosmetic instrument of the very popular spots effect is strong,

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