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Laser wash eyebrow factory house

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash eyebrow vendors would

now tattoo art development soon, tattoo eyeline is one of very hot, but want to get good eyebrow shape before, first of all to clean off the original eyebrows. But many people afraid of the pain would rather have had to wash eyebrow, laser eyebrow washing machine can achieve washing eyebrow, solve the problem of people are afraid of pain, but laser wash eyebrow factory house where is good?

laser eyebrow washing machine mainly use the color of the eyebrows can absorb certain wavelengths of laser, the accumulation of high-energy laser instantaneous emission to the diseased tissue, will the laser energy of strong pigment particles instantaneous crushing, part of the direct eduction body outside, part along with the lymph circulation of macrophage cell in vitro release. Laser eyebrow washing machine laser energy will only ACTS on the pigment spot, does not damage the normal skin, also won't leave scar and side effects.

choose laser eyebrow washing machine, single pulse 200 mj energy passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument can satisfy the desire, can clean out the blue, black, brown, brown and other tattoo eyeline color, for example MV2008, small size, easy to carry, high cost performance, is the laser wash eyebrow beauty salon is worth having. But after laser wash eyebrow should pay attention to the following contents:

1, laser wash eyebrow after must pay attention to remove red anti-inflammatory avoid infection, should pay attention to prevent bask in day-to-day work.

2, laser wash eyebrow may appear red and swollen, this is normal, can regress.

after 3, laser wash eyebrow scabby parts don't touch water, don't literally touch, let fall off on its own.

4, laser wash eyebrow don't attend intense exercise, lest sweat cause infection.

5, don't eat the food of acrimony excitant and darker, such as coffee, cola, don't drink and smoke.

laser wash eyebrow factory house where is good? Shanghai stefano photoelectric technology co. , LTD. Of course, is the domestic beauty equipment manufacturer, is provides the customers with all kinds of skin and beauty solutions.

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