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Laser wash eyebrow factory house

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash eyebrow vendors would

stefano beauty equipment manufacturers of laser eyebrow washing machine wash, go to the tattoo eyebrow effect is obvious, the colored tattoos, tattoo eyeline, tattoo can be removed.

your tattoo studio, beauty yard is often have this kind of customers, they have a deep vintage tattoo eyeline, tattoo on the skin, wash then we can suggest the customer to do, but for the old tattoo eyeline tattoo old said, very bad, and the method can easily remove the old tattoo eyebrow, washing machine and colorful tattoo, using special gem Q model, high-energy laser instantaneous launch smash the lesion in the basement, the accumulation of high-energy laser instantaneous emission, 1064 & amp; 532 nm laser in a very short period of time ( Only 6 - pulse width 8ns) Instantaneous diseased tissue, corresponding basement absorb sunlight and heat expansion instantaneous blasting fragmentation, away.

stefano small desktop machine wash eyebrow MV11, besides can wash, wash tattoo eyebrow, equipped with carbon powder at the same time operating vervet doll head can do delicate skin, offered to customers do once a month, but year, as part of their daily skin care program. Tender skin project vervet doll can blast away the rubbish inside the skin hair follicle, make the skin with clean white, tender skin project finish vervet doll, apply the hydrating facial effect.

method, laser wash eyebrow vendors would wash eyebrow remove spots instrument, whether small or vertical remove splash wash eyebrow eyebrow washing machine machine effect is very good, welcome

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