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Laser wash eyebrow machines

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser eyebrow washing machine

tattoo eyeline can let people's eyebrow deformation and beautiful, let a person's facial features look and coordination, but tattoo eyeline also has is not satisfactory, wash eyebrow is needed to do again. Laser wash eyebrow effect is good, pain is light, the comparison, so what are commonly used laser eyebrow washing machine?

laser wash eyebrow comfortable, can remove traces of tattoo eyeline, laser eyebrow washing machine is mainly implemented by the principle of light induced by blasting, the high-energy laser instantaneous emission, penetrate the skin pigment to achieve the target tissue, pigment tissue thermal expansion cracked into pigment particles, part of the pigment particles with skin directly out of the body, the others are with human lymphatic circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, tattoo eyeline pigment gradually disappear, achieve the goal of removing tattoo eyeline.

laser eyebrow washing machine due to laser selective absorption of pigment, will only ACTS on the target tissue and does not damage the normal skin tissue, so the laser wash eyebrow is a way to wash eyebrow. After laser wash eyebrow, pay attention to the operation areas kept clean and dry, don't touch water, good cleaning, do not eat hot excitant food, ban violent sports, also to avoid the ultraviolet radiation and the daily sun protection.

what are the commonly used laser eyebrow washing machine? Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturer of laser eyebrow washing machine mainly MV2008, MV9, MV12, such as different styles, there are portable desktop laser eyebrow washing machine, convenient for customers to carry out the project,

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