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Laser wash eyebrow surgery matters needing attention

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash eyebrow surgery note

nowadays, more and more people in order to obtain good camber and choose tattoo eyeline, tattoo eyeline effect is not satisfactory, however, is the need to wash the eyebrow to do again. Traditional wash eyebrow method are easy to hurt, and laser wash eyebrow is relatively comfortable, can remove traces of tattoo eyeline, laser wash eyebrow surgery nursing considerations is directly related to how effective, so what are the main considerations, laser wash eyebrow surgery nursing?

laser eyebrow washing machine mainly USES high-energy laser instantly penetrate the skin, to reach the skin pigment, pigment particle high-energy laser damage fracture, fracture part of pigment particles directly out of the body, after the part is along with the lymph circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, because the laser selective absorption of pigment, won't cause harm to the normal skin tissue, is a kind of delicate wash eyebrow method, mainly is the stimulation of the high-energy laser through the skin in an instant penetration to wash eyebrow. Laser wash eyebrow surgery nursing considerations are:

1, laser cosmetic instrument may appear when wash eyebrow brief reactions such as redness, don't worry, postoperative will disappear on its own.

2, after laser operation, wash eyebrow part will burns or trace bleeding, belongs to the normal phenomenon. And then there will be a scab skin produce, about 7 ~ 10 days off, do not forcibly shaving, should let the scab skin fall off on their own. About two weeks will be natural. During washing eyebrow skin, apply antibiotic ointment, or oral medications to avoid secondary infection, avoid direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

3, individuals may occur after laser wash eyebrow temporary pigmentation, would be metabolism of skin tissue to eliminate, but oral vitamin C, to alleviate the backflow of pigment.

4, during the scab skin, wash eyebrow parts do not contact with water, don't rub is brushed, avoid spicy, tobacco and wine, a fast color deep food such as: coffee, Pepsi, etc.

5, wash eyebrow, postoperative during the skin not to strenuous exercise, lest cause infection after sweating.

6, according to the depth of the eyebrow tattoo pigment, part too deep to wash eyebrow tattoo, may be laser wash brow again, a second laser operation should be separated by more than 45 days.

7, laser wash eyebrow surgery should pay attention to wash eyebrow part prevent bask in, such as infections or other conditions, please go to the hospital visit.

this is for the simple introduction of laser wash eyebrow surgery matters needing attention, the postoperative considerations are directly affect the effect of wash eyebrow, is very important.

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