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Laser wash tattoo factory house

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo vendors would

the people for the pursuit of fashion fast changing, the tattoo once upon a time a very popular, gave people a cool feeling, different over time and age, some people dislike the idea of tattoo may occur. Tattoo is not easy to remove, laser wash tattoo is a relatively quick way, where is good laser wash tattoo vendors would?

laser wash tattoo machine using the blasting effect is light, the high energy laser instantly penetrate the skin to tattoo pigment group, tattoo pigment group absorption wavelength of laser rapid expansion cracked into corresponding pigment particles, part of the direct eduction body outside, another part of the pigment particles were as lymph circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, tattoo pigment slowly disappear, so as to achieve the aim of wash tattoo. Laser wash tattoo almost no side effects, does not affect people's normal life and work, is an ideal method of wash tattoo.

in the process of laser wash tattoo, doesn't like people imagine a can wash clean, according to the actual circumstance of individuals may need many times to make the tattoo pigment disappeared. After laser wash tattoo, if there is a slight red, it is normal, after a few days will go away. After wash tattoo parts for the sunshine is more sensitive, to avoid sun exposure after the operation, pay attention to the daily sun protection. If there is scabby, don't tear scab skin, let fall off on its own.

laser wash tattoo factory house where is good? We generally recommend using single pulse energy is greater than or equal to 400 mj tuning Q laser beauty equipment, such as MV11, MV22, etc. ,

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