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Laser wash tattoo factory house

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo vendors would

what is a tattoo?

tattoos, commonly known as tattoos, is to use a variety of pigment Pierce or due to trauma into skin triangle flowers pattern circle into different images. Artificial tattoo shows all sorts of color is visible to the naked eye ( Related to Pierce the color) Image, part of this tattoo is part of the dust caused by trauma and sexual material into the skin. Many friends tattoo represents a certain sense, at the same time beautiful tattoo in a certain period can also increase the charm of man, but turned to face the reality, tattoos can cause a lot of inconvenience to the life and work, so at some point wash tattoo is irresistible. So, how can remove tattoo? Shanghai's laser wash tattoo machine, allows you to quickly restore flawless skin.

laser wash tattoo machine principle:

Shanghai stefano wash tattoo machine adopts gem tuning Q laser mode, laser instantaneous emission energy effectively break the lesion in the basement, the light induced by blasting principle: the accumulation of high-energy laser instantaneous emission, 1064 & amp; 532 nm wavelength laser in a very short period of time ( About 10 - pulse width 20ns) Base moment of pathological changes, the corresponding base absorbing sunlight and heat expansion instantaneous blasting fragmentation, part ( Skin) Base after a fracture in the metabolism of skin, some of the ( Skin tissues below) Basement fracture into tiny particles can be consumed by macrophages, after digestion by macrophages, finally through the lymph circulation in the human body eduction body outside, diseased tissue base will gradually decrease and eventually disappear, and the surrounding normal skin tissue due to do not absorb 1064 & amp; 532 nm wavelength laser is almost no damage.

Shanghai stefano laser wash tattoo machine advantage:

1, 7 mm & times; 7毫米× 6 mm frequency doubling crystal and the frequency doubling crystal fine-tuning of the mechanical structure, single pulse of 100 mj 532 nm laser, more than 532 nm laser pulse of 400 mj, dispel the red base is superior to the similar equipment

2, equipped with optical power operation lamp limited help you recover in a short time

about 10-3, pulse width The pain of 20 ns, reduce operating process

4, vervet doll with a head or operation, rapid, effective tender skin equipment.

laser wash tattoo machine wash tattoo effectively, is the beauty salon friends beauty instrument, such as

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