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Laser wash tattoo machine price

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo machine prices

now people is no stranger to tattoo, is a needle into the skin with ink manufacturing pattern, is a reflection of personality and charm, is also beautiful, sexy and mysterious symbol. Many psychological changes on tattoos, would consider the wash tattoo, laser wash tattoo is a quick way, a laser wash tattoo machine prices?

in general, single pulse energy of more than 400 mj passive tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument can be used to wash tattoo, high energy electro-optic tuning Q laser wash tattoo effect will be better. Laser wash tattoo machine, applied to blasting principle, high-energy laser reach the moment of the area, tattoo pigment thermal expansion cracked into pigment particles, part of the pigment particles through the skin directly out of the body, the other part was over human lymphatic circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, tattoo pigment gradually disappear, and then achieve wash tattoo.

laser wash tattoo, not people think it can be done at once, the number of wash tattoo is with the tattoo area size, tattoo color shades of matter and individual constitution. The tattoo area is large than the tattoo area is small, laser wash tattoo number more; Tattoo darker than tattoo color shallow, the number of laser wash tattoo is relatively more, generally speaking, laser wash tattoo is need 3 - Five times.

laser wash tattoo machine price? Shanghai's company as the passive tuning Q laser MV11, MV22 wash tattoo effect is pretty good, and good effect of lightning tuning Q laser 1064 QKK, 1064 QCCH etc. ,

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