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Laser wash tattoo machine surgery matters needing attention

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo machine surgery note

a tattoo just appeared, many people be surprised or hard to accept, but it is a common thing. A lot of people want to wash out after tattoo, is due to psychological changes or other reasons, laser wash tattoo relative and obvious effect, but what are the precautions for laser wash tattoo machine postoperative nursing?

laser wash tattoo machine is the use of light caused by blasting principle to realize the tattoo dispel, high-energy laser instantaneous emission, penetrate the skin to tattoo pigment, tattoo pigment thermal expansion cracked into pigment particles, partly by epidermal eduction body outside, the other part is with human lymphatic circulation of phagocyte eduction body outside, tattoo pigment disappearing, to achieve wash tattoo. Laser wash tattoo is quick, convenient people's life and work, laser wash tattoo machine postoperative nursing considerations are:

1, laser wash tattoo within 3 days after must maintain the skin dry, can't touch water, no makeup, do not rub.

2, laser wash tattoo, pay attention to hygiene, such as blisters, not at liberty to prick, should let its spontaneous regression.

3, laser wash tattoo during wound, apply antibiotic ointment, or oral medications to prevent secondary infection.

4, laser wash tattoo, must pay attention to prevent bask in, the biology of pigment fade is a slow process, usually 1 & ndash; 2. 5 months, the period must pay attention to prevent bask in.

5, scab skin fall off before, operating parts do not contact with water, no makeup, do not rub, avoid spicy, tobacco and alcohol. Recently fast color deep food such as: coffee, Pepsi, etc. , let the scab skin to fall off, shall not be forcibly spalling.

this is postoperative nursing considerations of laser wash tattoo machine of simple introduction, don't ignore the laser wash tattoo after surgery matters needing attention, is directly related to the effect of laser wash tattoo, otherwise it may lead to the failure of the wash tattoo,

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