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Laser wash tattoo preoperative need what to prepare

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo preoperative need to prepare what

tattoo, once in a period of time is very popular, many people have a tattoo, or on behalf of some kind of significance, to reveal their personality but with the change of people's psychological want to wash the tattoo. Wash tattoo method is various, the traditional method is easy to pain and not clean, clear laser wash tattoo is a kind of method, get the welcome of people and affirmation, but laser wash tattoo preoperative need to prepare what?

wash tattoo machine mainly USES high-energy laser moment arrived in the area, break the tattoo pigment particles, was slowly out of the body metabolism, thus achieve the goal of wash tattoo. Laser wash tattoo is the more effective method of removing tattoos, but it is need to do the laser wash tattoo preoperative preparation, the laser wash tattoo must first have a detailed understanding, such as laser wash tattoo contraindication, operation interval and the number of operation and so on. Laser wash tattoo preoperative need to prepare are:

1, the area to be clean before operation, avoid friction, infection, inflammation. Applicable skin factor ( To improve the peptide) , antibiotic ointment should apply 1 ~ 2 times a day, prevent the formation of secondary infection.

2, check the skin before laser wash tattoo presence of inflammation, if patients with scar constitution or allergic constitution should discreet, patients with diabetes and heart disease should not be commonly operation.

3, laser wash tattoo because of tattoo pigment in depth and different size, operating frequency range. In order to obtain satisfactory results, generally spread in the skin back to normal after one and a half months follow-up. Laser wash tattoo in accordance with the grain thorn different shades, general needs 2 - Five times.

4, female friends don't choose to do laser wash tattoo during menstruation.

5, laser wash tattoo within one week before operation, should avoid drugs such as aspirin.

laser wash tattoo needs of preoperative preparation? Through the simple introduction, we can understand the laser cosmetic instrument wash tattoo is not a simple thing, need of cognition, to get good wash tattoo effect.

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