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Laser wash tattoo quickly easily

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo quick easy

before wash tattoo method are many, but most of the painful process of operation, and the effect is unsatisfactory, laser cosmetic is one of the more popular a kind of method, solved the problem. Laser wash tattoo machine can remove pigment for you, wash the eyebrow, tattoos, etc.

a tattoo is to Pierce the skin pigment, combines pigment and dermal cells, tissues, and form a sex symbol. With a or a bunch of needle dye penetrate into the skin, painted different images, such as line, characters, calligraphy and painting is not disappear, useful modern tattoo tattoo machine instead of the traditional tattoo needle, which can even control the pigment into the depth and width of the skin. The pathological changes of pigment particles is deposition in the skin, the shallow or middle dermis.

laser wash tattoo can be smoothly into the damage parts, operation under strong laser dye gasification, shattered, the lines of color fading. This fading will see at the time. In general, shallow tattoo of a wash tattoo is very obvious, and even eliminated, but most often repeated operation. Because wash tattoo operation effect and the grain of the nature of the dye have the very big relations, adopted by the dye particles finer grain supercilium look line, dye composition is relatively pure, so the effect is significant. And ordinary tattoos, due to the use of profile thorn dye is ordinary ink more, not only coarse particles and impurities, so the operation difficulty is eyebrow tattoo and be larger, often need operation for many times, some patients may need long time operation. In addition, the color of tattoo operation difficulty more ordinary also is big, need more operations. Wash tattoo operating time interval for three months. Not damage the skin, leaving no spot mark, part of the scar constitution of the people may appear scar response.

laser wash tattoo has its indications, however, is not for everyone, if the tattoo area is larger, darker, the wash tattoo or need surgery, to remove.

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