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Laser wash tattoo surgery should pay attention to

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo surgery should pay attention to what the

a lot of people see others tattoo, always subconscious thought is not a good man, it's not the way it is, tattoo represents a character or some kind of meaning, and cannot be biased. Wash tattoo is not a general method to remove, laser wash tattoo machine dispel effect is good, relatively, then laser wash tattoo surgery should pay attention to?

laser wash tattoo machine is the use of powerful laser power function in the area of high energy laser will instantly shatter tattoo pigment as pigment particles, part of the direct eduction body outside, part as lymph circulation of macrophage cell in vitro release. Obvious effects of laser wash tattoo, accuracy is high, will not damage the normal skin tissue, also won't leave scar, almost no side effects, is a more effective way of wash tattoo. Laser wash tattoo surgery matters needing attention is directly related to the operation effect, major should pay attention to the following:

1, laser wash tattoo may occur after a slight pain, also can appear brief reactions such as redness, don't worry, is to gradually disappear.

2, laser wash tattoo, attention should be paid to remove red anti-inflammatory to prevent secondary infection. Avoid ultraviolet ray direct sunlight, otherwise it will produce a short pigmentation, infection may occur after the scar.

3, 7 - scab film 14 days off, wound. Individual patients after laser wash tattoo may appear normal temporary pigmentation, gradually absorbed. Laser wash tattoo after care can also be oral vitamin C can reduce pigment backflow.

4, laser wash tattoo, scab skin fall off before operation area do not contact with water, no makeup, do not rub is brushed, avoid spicy, tobacco and alcohol. Recently fast color deep food such as: coffee, Pepsi, etc. , let the scab skin to fall off, shall not be forcibly spalling. Do not participate in strenuous exercise, lest cause infection after sweating.

5, must pay attention to prevent bask in, after laser wash tattoo pigment fade is a slow process of biology, usually 1 - 2. In the period, the five months must continue to prevent bask in. In order to obtain better effect, you must repeat operator, should be more than 3 months apart.

laser wash tattoo surgery should pay attention to? Above is Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturer small make up for you to do a simple introduction, laser wash tattoo machine MV11 small size, high performance to price ratio.

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