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Laser wash tattoo will leave scar?

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Laser wash tattoo will leave scar?

a tattoo is to use the pigment grain thorn skin and form the artificial pigment spots, play the role of decorate and beautify the skin. But for various reasons many people need their own tattoo removed, known as the wash tattoo. Laser provides a ideal method, wash tattoo, laser wash tattoo will leave scar?

then stefano to laser wash tattoo will leave scar to this problem is introduced, I believe you, will have a certain understanding, also hope to you can help.

laser wash tattoo will leave scar? In fact, laser wash tattoo don't have to worry about leave scar! The effect of laser with high selectivity and does not produce damage to the surrounding normal skin. Laser, laser wash tattoo USES its specific wavelength light pulse profile thorn body parts, make the skin pigment pigment moment gasification or blasting crushing, broken down into tiny particles, the phagocytic cells in the body eduction body outside, and on the surrounding normal skin and hair do not cause damage.

laser wash tattoo is the laser on the affected part, pigment particles smash into tiny particles, through the skin to take off the scab, or blood circulation and cell to gobble up complete eduction pigment metabolism, won't destroy the rest of the skin tissue. But each processing shoulds not be too deep, if once remove not clean, can be carried out for the second time, but should be interval between every two processing 1 & ndash; 3 months. No obvious side effects, after laser wash tattoo, tattoo after 1 - commonly Three laser operation can dispel.

laser wash tattoo to deep pigmentation effect is very good also, can remove tattoo for a longer time. Short laser pulse width, pigment blasting effect is good, basic no damage skin.

stefano remind: to beauty, to health, must understand the instrument before operation, because of the shorter the pulse width of laser wash tattoo machine, pigment blasting effect is better, the less damage of epidermis, select normal laser wash tattoo with factory production equipment, avoid risk, to eliminate bad concerns.

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