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Lattice CO2 laser instrument anti-wrinkle, remove spots and lattice of laser tender skin

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Lattice CO2 laser instrument anti-wrinkle, remove spots and tender skin of lattice laser

product model: YILIYA - 10600啊YILIYA - 10600 il YILIYA - 10600AL YILIYA- 10600 ch

operating principle: the lattice CO2 laser skin reconstruction system, using Coherent rf excited CO2 laser, the emission wavelength of 10600 nm laser and target group as the water in the skin, in a certain amount of heat generated in the focal spot directly through parts of the stripped, more heat coagulation and apparent thermal effect, lattice CO2 laser operation after the holes, and normal tissue to produce hot bridge between holes, start the skin trauma to improve the mechanism of new collagen, achieve leather frame structure reconstruction, facial contour sculpture, wrinkles disappear, fine texture, acne scar skin smooth.

operating range: lattice CO2 laser operation gravid grain, all kinds of scar, sagging skin, rough skin, pigmentation, skin pigmentary lesions skin problems such as

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