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Lattice co2 laser instrument operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Carbon dioxide lattice laser operation is

with age growing, people can also be wrinkles, skin spots, acne and other skin problems. Scar on the face, smash beauty, shading. How to improve the skin? Need a lattice of carbon dioxide laser operation, is the world's closely watched skin hairdressing technology over the last two years.

lattice laser is nearly two years and skin bound closely watched new skin hairdressing technology. Dot matrix operation compared with the traditional laser, laser power is stronger, can direct people deep facial skin leather, stimulate the damage of the dermal tissue for improvement, make the leather produce more collagen and rearrange, tender skin effect.

lattice both rapid and significant effect of invasive operation, also has the noninvasive operation side effect is small, short recovery time advantage, which combines the advantages of both. The technology in this aspect, especially for hyperplastic scar, acne scar and the operation of the stretch marks, is the envy of the same kind products. Lattice co2 laser, using co2 laser light of operation to make women's private parts for damage of collagen fibers, elastic fibers, such as remodeling, make vaginal wall thickening of vagina tightening.

lattice co2 laser instrument operation is relatively hot market at present is a instrument

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