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Lattice laser acne removing, say goodbye to acne

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Lattice laser acne removing, say goodbye to acne problems

after the long whelk, if left & other; Potholes & throughout; Blain hole is troubling, still have the scar left on the body, there is the experience knows that this defect is very damaging, and are difficult to remove with routine nursing methods. But in the field of medical hairdressing, lattice laser can make your skin back to life! Lattice laser acne removing, say goodbye to acne.

lattice laser using matrix ( Focal thermal effect) Principle of type micro holes on the skin evenly, which in turn caused a series of biochemical reactions, skin wrinkles, firming, remove scar effect. Laser lattice energy peak more than traditional laser, with normal skin, between point and point to restore, so to stimulate collagen lattice laser effect is stronger, fewer side effects. For the yellow race, the traditional sexual laser peeling easy to leave pigmentation, and the lattice laser is rarely leave pigmentation.

lattice laser can damage skin tissue, promote skin renewal, the effect of lattice laser has a good effect of inside fire pit. Lattice laser have inside fire pit effect, because blain hole is inflammation of the skin cells leads to the local necrosis of skin tissue, subcutaneous tissue defect caused by the type of scar, and lattice skin after laser operation of the new cells will replace blain hole, therefore lattice laser has a good result for inside fire pit.

lattice laser acne removing, say goodbye to acne muscle

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