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Lattice laser cosmetic instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Lattice laser cosmetic instrument

now beauty of science and technology has become a trend, speaking of lattice laser cosmetic instrument are no fresh things, lattice laser cosmetic instrument can rise the wrinkles fight decline, acne acne removing printing, improvement the action such as stretch marks, pore bulky, is a lot of large and medium-sized beauty institutions to carry out the project of cosmetology instrument, the lattice laser cosmetic instrument what are the advantages?

lattice laser cosmetic instrument is a kind of new optical beauty concept, installation of computer graphics generator ( CPG) , can put the laser ranging is square, triangle, diamond, rectangle, a variety of shapes, such as linear and circular these evenly dispersed in the matrix graphics several to hundreds of focal spot, the formation of a focal spot, is a new launch, at an extremely rapid rate of this graphics. Now common lattice laser cosmetic instrument are super pulse lattice co2 laser instrument and the infrared laser dot matrix, the wavelength of the two instruments and technology, project operation and effect is distinct.

super pulse lattice co2 laser cosmetic instrument USES is the wavelength of 10600 nm, instrument ultra pulse refers to the function of the skin can be a very short time, can reduce thermal damage, in addition the wavelength is long enough for operating the darker skin problems effect is also very good, such as pigment nevus, splash, skin problems such as moles, warts, another bitmap refers to another operation technique, tell from the operational layer is surface layer of skin problems, such as discoloration, pore bulky, heavy color, rough skin, wrinkles, skin lines, stretch marks, acne skin problems such as pit, blain to imprint, for blain to imprint, blain hole last can achieve the basic operation or improve the obvious change.

the infrared laser cosmetic machine is used in the wavelength of 1550 nm, the laser is far infrared technology in the dermis, belongs to the laser cosmetic instrument that is not of deprivation, although the surface don't respond, but the instrument is deep, according to the operation of the dermis project are ok, for the effect of blain hole may not too good, to improve the effect of red blain to imprint or can be, mainly by stimulating collagen in life, to improve red blain to imprint, skin pigment, to the effect of wrinkles.

lattice laser cosmetic instrument in the hospital now, large and medium-sized beauty salon application, operating doctors can use graphics generator for specific operation, the operating effect is good, no side effects. If you have other questions,

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