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Lattice laser cosmetic instrument factory direct sale

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Lattice laser cosmetic instrument manufacturers selling

now the quality of life for good, pressure is big, go up a lot of people face a blain, blain hole, wrinkles, scar, and so on, are very effect beautiful personal appearance, the existing science and technology can easily solve these problems, it is to use laser technology, what kind of laser cosmetic instrument can achieve operation effect, lattice laser cosmetic instrument is right choice, to introduce below small make up.

now commonly used laser beauty equipment mainly has three kinds: super lattice co2 laser pulse technology, Israel technology of erbium laser ( Also called pixel laser) And the third is far infrared lattice laser. Although lattice laser, but its wavelength is different from technology, project operation and effect also have differences. Focus on today is private lattice co2 laser cosmetic instrument.

ultra pulse co2 laser dot matrix using the wavelength of 10600 nm, instrument ultra pulse refers to the function of the skin can be a very short time, can reduce thermal damage, in addition the wavelength is long enough for operating the darker skin problems effect is also very good, such as pigment nevus, splash, skin problems such as moles, warts, another bitmap refers to another operation technique, tell from the operational layer is surface layer of skin problems, such as discoloration, pore bulky, heavy color, rough skin, wrinkles, skin lines, stretch marks, acne skin problems such as pit, blain to imprint, for blain to imprint, blain hole last can achieve the basic operation or improve the obvious change.

stefano hairdressing instruments manufacturers selling private lattice co2 laser cosmetic instrument, the current main models including CCH, 10600 kk, 10600 10600 propagated, more information can be focused on Shanghai's official website at any time.

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