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Lattice laser instrument can go blain to imprint

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Lattice laser instrument can go blain to imprint?

we all have the experience of long blain blain, especially adolescence, but a lot of people long blain like to dig or touched with the hand, the result is leaving unsightly blain to imprint, directly affect the person's appearance. Much has been said acne removing printing method, but it is not easy to remove also repeatedly, it is said that lattice laser instrument is can go scar and wrinkles fight decline, the lattice laser instrument can go blain to imprint? Stefano small make up to answer for you now.

blain to imprint, actually also is a kind of scar, shallow can through own fade skin removing blain to imprint, but will take some time to work. And lattice laser instrument is in strong light, on the basis of operation of blain blain scar, mark fast, strong and improve. Lattice laser instrument is to divide each pulse laser into hundred micro laser pulse, each micro laser speckle only 50 & ndash; 80 um, when these small laser beam on the skin surface, can stimulate the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis organization under the growth of desalt scar, eliminate blain to imprint, so as to achieve to blain to imprint blain scar effect.

lattice laser cosmetic instrument for the comprehensive department of blain to imprint, just need half an hour or so, recovery time is a week or so. But it's need 2 - Six operation, every time operation interval of two or three months. Lattice laser instrument can effectively stimulate collagen in life, makes the uneven of blain hole trace healing, coupled with the lattice laser grinding effect, makes the operation effect is satisfactory.

lattice laser instrument can go blain to imprint? Shanghai's beauty equipment factory has 1550 different types of lattice and lattice co2 laser laser instrument, each have each advantage and function,

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