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Lattice laser instrument

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Lattice laser instrument

lattice laser operation effect of blain hole? Blain blain disappear, but because of improper operation left blain blain blain hole, plagued by a lot of beautiful people of blain hole, at present a lot of methods can blain hole operation, such as lattice laser, lattice laser operation effect of blain hole? Let's listen to the laser experts give everybody introduction.

we all know, skin tissue is self-improvement ability of traumatic, after the skin damage by trauma, to improve myself. Wound area is too large, to improve the produce is the result of the scar, trauma is very small, the skin can recover. According to qiu tao expert introduction, lattice laser operation blain hole each tiny light beam is just a tiny trauma for organization, it is enough to start the organization born in improvement of the function, the result is the skin change skin.

experts also pointed out that the lattice is a new kind of laser pattern, lattice laser blain hole is the use of a particular wavelength laser operation, on which to restrain acne produce too much sebum, lead to a variety of bacteria of acne, has a strong effect, so that the small blain blain freshman retreat in a timely manner. Lattice laser to full-on shine skin, wrinkles, spots, enlarged pores, rough skin, light operation in aspects of aging skin effect is very good, in addition, the laser can effectively stimulate the skin collagen in life, let life after whelk uneven traces left behind by healing, plus have laser grinding effect, thus make acne removing effect, and to the operation of the acne. Because the technology is simple and easy, short recovery time, operation method, effect good characteristic, carried out in a foreign country is very extensive, celebrity, become the latest must-haves in the beauty.

lattice laser operation blain hole is stripped of the laser sex had marked effect, but also eliminate the stripped by the laser may be serious complications, such as infection, scar and pigmentation, since each operation only a percentage of skin by operation, make the skin surface retains some not subjected to laser like & quot; Bridge & quot; Part, and thus become add operation, comfortable, greatly speed up the time, the risk is small, short downtime, many people call it & quot; The weekend operation & quot; 。

lattice laser operation blain hole advantage:

1, the application of the technique, can penetrate to the acne propionic acid bacillus in skin depth, thermal energy at acne propionic acid bacillus, work fast, at the same time stimulate endogenous lymphoid hyperplasia, kill the skin acne propionic acid bacillus, the normal skin tissue from damage, so will not leave a scar.

2, each patient all hope to get good operation effect, short time operation therapy for 2 - always 4 weeks, a total of 2 - operation 4 times.

the super laser pulses lattice adopt international micro lens technology, a large number of small pulse beam effect to the skin after also only form a diameter of 0. 12 mm to 1. 2 mm, 2 mm in depth of the tiny hole, can instantly gasification deep scar tissue, abandoned the grinding, such as large flare traumatic larger traditional laser mode, pimples and effective operation. To achieve the effect of go blain to imprint.

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