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Lattice laser operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Lattice laser operation is

there are customers ask, I have acne on my face, what should I do? Have customers ask, I have blain to imprint on my face and red, what should I do? Have customers ask, I have spots on my face, have blain to imprint, have red, what should I do? Have customer ask again, I have spots on my face, have blain to imprint, have red blood silk, and wrinkles? What should I do? I said, right! We use lattice co2 laser operation is to be a super pulse lattice change skin! ! ! !

HONKON company grandly promotes ultra pulse CO2 laser operation machine, CO2 laser is mainly operating various wrinkles, scar, sagging down, thinning of the skin; Moles, warts, small; Pigmentation. Actinic cheilitis, pore bulky, acne, rosacea, benign hyperplasia skin pigmentary lesions ( Freckles, age spots) Brittleness increases, such as lattice laser operation can make leather reconstruction, for acne, acne scars, operations such as the effect of blain hole is especially striking.

when the light on the skin, can produce three kinds of effects, namely the light power and light stimulation and sunlight, heat, is divided into three kinds, namely heating, stripped and hot set. Super ultra pulse light pulse lattice co2 laser instrument operation, when the light on the skin, can produce hot stripped, because ninety percent of our skin is all water, with the energy of intense pulsed light can make the organization the instant vaporization, forming many micro stripped holes, this will help us a lot of import nutrients, at the same time will produce the right amount of heat solidification and large amount of thermal effect, thermal coagulation will greatly improve our leather frame structure. Human skin has a trauma to improve the mechanism of self, self trauma improvement stage is the process of inflammation, proliferation and reshaping. Inflammatory phase lasts about 7 - Lasts about 10-10 days, value-added stage 14 days, at this point, the keratin cells constantly forming new corneous layer formation, fibroblasts hyperplasia of a large number of breeding, the formation of a large number of collagen fibers and elastic fiber, make leather frame structure is rebuilt, reshape the stage can restore skin health, a series of skin problems before time washes out with epidermal metabolism.

once bought a lattice laser operation is 10600 useful, how will the value of it to the big? How do we carry out beauty project? Please look forward to the next article in our website 'fight decline instrument'.

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