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Leather spot laser instrument operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Leather spot laser operation instrument

often have customers ask, leather patches with which kind of beauty instrument operation is better, how to operate the effect is good. Suggesting that leather patches bring many troubles to people, a lot of people have no effect after operation, so as to seek a good operation method, in fact, there's no need to worry, leather spot laser instrument operation effect is very good, and not to leave sequela, the annoyance can lift people leather patches.

general leather distribution on face two buccal, dotted or patches of pigmentation, or pigmentation is a mixture of lead and mercury toxin residue. What causes the appearance of leather patch? Dermal spots is mainly due to the formation of skin normal metabolism are destroyed, greatly weakened the skin resistance, loss of skin cell immune function, the body secretes melanin protection damaged skin cells, the melanin deposition in the skin, the dermis, has formed the refractory leather patches. Laser operation dermal spots can penetrate the skin deep, not just on the surface of the skin, after a period of operation can reach the effect of removing leather patches.

leather spot laser operating instruments actually refers primarily to the tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, it with high-energy laser instantaneous emission, target function of the dermis sedimentary pigment particles, pigment particle will break up, through the lymphatic tissue and eduction body outside, achieve the goal of desalination remove leather patches. Someone may ask eyebrow washing machine that passive tuning Q can also operate, in fact is not, mainly because of the single pulse energy.

although leather spot using the principle of laser operating apparatus with laser eyebrow washing machine is the same, but wash eyebrow machine generally only 200 mi energy of single pulse, and operating dermal spots, single pulse energy requirements for at least 400 mj, if conditional beauty institutions, suggested that choose to use active tuning Q laser cosmetic instrument, such as 1064 QCH, remove pigment, high energy, dispel dermal pigment particles.

leather spot laser operation, we recommend now popular MV11, C8 + +, 1064 QCH, etc. , the configuration and performance are not the same, beauty institutions can choose according to their needs. For leather patch, it is suggested that the sooner, the better operation, or pigment deepen, the bigger the operation difficulty.

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