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Leather spot laser operation

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Leather spot laser operation is

you know dermal spots are more difficult to remove pigmentary lesions, because leather spot is located in the leather and the size of the average energy laser on its function. Leather spot laser operation is so effective, there is what? The following is the small make up to bring us the introduction of the content.

leather operation requirements in the laser operation is little energy to achieve more than 400 mj, of course, the higher the energy of dermal spots removing effect will be better, but the higher the energy of laser cosmetic instrument for the price is higher, accordingly so when trying to choose or you want to see your shop location and needs. The current domestic market 800 mj single pulse laser remove spots instruments may be very, commonly used in the clubhouse and hospital and so on, of course, such as single pulse of 2000 mj laser operation, is only the instrument due to limited range of price spread.

800 mj stefano company single pulse tuning q laser cosmetic instrument is the current domestic market to an instrument of measuring competitiveness, although others also so-called energy can achieve 800 mj but actual test will find domestic peers laser energy is also mj - 600 700mj。 Just as long as the energy work shows that this instrument is good? Actually not so, energy just decided to laser operation quality stand or fall of the factors on the one hand, in addition to consider small pulse wide, the shorter the pulse width of laser cosmetic instrument during operation the less damage to the skin, improve up late is relatively simple. After consider light spot size, here we said is the spot size of the original light spot size, generally in the laser crystal rods more coarse original spot is, the greater the while the coarse crystal bar indicates the quality of the instruments are more.

leather spot laser operation here don't know if you have the master himself

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