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Long pulse operation nevus flammeus

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Long pulse operation nevus flammeus practice

the sooner the better operating nevus flammeus time ( The younger of the thinner skin, blood vessels, small and shallow, the younger skin lesion is smaller, less operation, good) The proliferative and nodular nevus flammeus vascular deep response to laser and IPL will become less sensitive.

IPL equipment has a wide spectrum and large flare and its good sapphire contact cooling, makes the nevus flammeus remove rate increased significantly. Reports showed that using HONKON— QQ + 3 - operation 4 times, can remove the pink skin and proliferative, nodular skin lesions after four operations can be improved - 80 95%.

stefano long pulse of 1064 nm laser has a corresponding operation on nevus flammeus effect, because it has a longer wavelength and large flare so on dark skin to provide patients with good skin protection effect ( Compared with other laser such as PDL) 。

E - Almost all of the E - light: HONKON Light equipment has a nevus flammeus effect mainly reflects in:

1, all can provide powerful IPL energy.

2, can provide high power RF output.

3, it can provide a good sapphire contact cooling.

4, all can provide the suitable spectrum ( May at any time change filter) 。

5, can provide three different spot area ( 10毫米× 10毫米、8 mm× 40毫米,15 mm× 60mm) Before launching the IPL with the RF energy for heating nevus flammeus, in appropriate IPL of auxiliary energy, choose 585 - 1200 - nm filter will obtain the result, in the operation can choose long pulse width, and more than three pulse number can obtain better comfort.

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