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Long pulse type 1064 b laser hair removal method

by:Vanoo      2021-02-05
Long pulse type 1064 b laser hair removal method of

1. 1064 b long pulse laser hair removal operation method:

shave the body hair, has been to avoid operation surface burn. General without anesthesia; The laser head contact operation area, light pressure after irradiation, instantaneous operational certain area; After some people may have a small amount of hair in raw, but significantly less food than before, slender, again in the second course of operation; Usually 3 - through Five times after the operation can achieve satisfactory results.

2, long pulse laser hair removal after the adverse reactions of 1064 b:

2 1: pain during operation with mild-to-moderate pain, generally does not affect the operation, the need for local anesthesia can be.

2 - 2 red: most patients with laser operation after all have varying degrees of swelling, for half an hour to 1 - After 2 days to subside.

2 - After operation 3-3 scabby: some patients 5 days appear brown thin scabs, 5 - Ten days can regress.

2 - 4 pigment increased: in darker skin is within two weeks after the operation, and 2 months or so may be temporarily increased pigment, usually in 3 - After six months.

2 - 5 pigment loss: a rare and difficult to restore.

2 - 6 blister: individual patients after operation can produce blisters, cold in time can avoid or reduce the blister, if not appear secondary infection, generally do not leave scar.

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