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Photon hair removal equipment manufacturers

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Photon hair removal instrument manufacturer

for women wanting a friend, the hair is too long will undoubtedly affect mood, more and more beautiful women choose to go to beauty salon hair removal. Now beauty salon in order to make the customer hair removal effect is good, will often choose to purchase hair removal instrument to solve problems for customers, photon hair removal instrument is a kind of very popular, so the photon hair removal instrument factory where is good?

the photon hairdressing apparatus, is everybody's common e light beauty instrument, photon hair removal instrument based on selective thermal dynamic mechanism, photon emission head of beam, can penetrate the skin surface of hair follicle epithelium, dermal papilla and hair follicle contains abundant melanin, the pigment melanin selective absorption of laser energy, the heat generated by the formation of instantaneous high temperature, the destruction of the hair shaft and follicle, block and termination of hair growth, so as to achieve the role of hair removal. Photon hair removal after the matters needing attention are:

1, the skin is black, a sensitive person, 24 - 48 hours, the skin appears delayed response is common, not because of the immediate reaction is not obvious random increase the energy density.

2, photon hair removal notice, do first three test spot, then the response of skin instantly, the normal reaction is skin micro red or reddish hair root, sometimes there are anxious burnt flavour.

3 postoperative nursing care, photon hair removal: cold ( Not ice compress, not less than 4 ℃) Ten minutes to half an hour, until discomfort eased; Try to avoid sun exposure; Under the condition of no side effects, skin can wear makeup.

photon hair removal instrument factory where is good? Shanghai stefano is a set research and development, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the beauty equipment suppliers, have different styles of photon hair removal instrument,

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