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Photon hair removal instrument to remove hair

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Photon hair removal instrument to remove hair problems

now people to pay more and more attention to your image, and proved his side can know, even the body hair is too long will be frustrating, because it can let a person look not so fresh and natural. Especially before the arrival of the summer, people will seek a variety of hair removal method, photon hair removal instrument can realize fast hair removal, let the photon hair removal instrument to remove hair.

the past beauty &skin care method, is one of the traditional products to carry out the project, now is the beauty of science and technology age, very popular beauty equipment to carry out the project. Photon hair removal instrument is also known as e light beauty equipment, is a kind of beauty salon hair removal equipment, after waxing operations, not only can achieve depilation, and parts of the skin will become smooth operation. In addition, the photon tender skin apparatus can remove spots, wrinkles, skin, and other functions, is a kind of multifunctional beauty.

the photon hair removal instrument is intense pulsed light IPL, RF radio frequency technology and skin cooling technology for the integration of intelligent non stripped skin reconstruction system, it can realize multiple functions is mainly due to: one is the pyrolysis of light: the IPL is relatively short wavelengths of light can be in the skin pigment and oxygenated hemoglobin in the blood of the preference to absorb, without destroying the premise of normal skin, make the pigment group or pigment cell damage, decomposition, blood clotting, blood vessels damage, so as to achieve the role of pigment spots operation. Secondly, biological stimulation: output of IPL can penetrate into the skin with long wavelengths from deep tissue, thermal effect and light chemistry, make the skin collagen and elastic fiber hole operation effect.

of course, the photon hair removal instrument can realize fast hair removal, also because of the selective principle of field ACTS on the target site, does not damage the normal skin tissue, does not affect the function of sweat. Shanghai's many popular photon hair removal device,

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