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Photon tender skin gauge how to use

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin gauge how to use the

the photon tender skin instrument is developed on the basis of the traditional photon hairdressing technology development, is the skin cooling technology, intense pulsed light operation is clever, the combination of technology and RF radio frequency technology, the birth of the new operating system. It is the use of a particular wavelength intense pulsed light and wide spectrum bipolar radiofrequency electromagnetic waves. Selectively target target of synergy in organization, tender skin, remove spots, hair removal, anti-wrinkle effect is very good and reliable. The emergence of photoelectric mutual benefit for tender skin and hair removal, angiotelectasis and dispel spot of pigment operation set a new standard. Photoelectric mutual benefit with the innovation of science and technology used to integrate the optical energy and transmission of electromagnetic wave, more effective than the old technology. One-time operation is equivalent to the traditional 5 - 10 times.

the photon tender skin instrument depends on clinical operation skill of the operator's accurate, this is the disadvantage of photon tender skin instrument. To master the photon tender skin of traditional skills need a long learning process, and E light delicate skin, operation is very simple. You just need to put the operating head close to the skin, and do not need to be like before, to accurately measuring the distance operation head and skin, so you can be the result of the different operators each operation about the same.

in the premise of not affect clinical, the cost of a single photon tender skin instrument beautiful skin system than in the past of photon tender skin equipment was reduced by 25 50%. The significant factor is equipment maintenance cost reduced and the service life of the operating head extension. But the two fee in the first three years of basic equipment use negligible, it is to save the cost of a very large.

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