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Photon tender skin hair removal question answer

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin instrument depilation question answer

hair has certain protective function to human body, but the heavy hair can easily destroy the image of beautiful people, the vexation to beautiful people. Photon tender skin instrument is able to realize the freezing point of hair removal, can realize the tender skin, wrinkles, remove spots, and to the function of red blood silk, but people have some questions for photon tender skin instrument hair removal, method, small make up of photon tender skin to depilate now question answer.

1, the photon tender skin whether hair removal?

a: photon tender skin hair removal method of hair removal is a very, strong professional, no side effect to the body, damage to the skin, with delicate skin, moisturizing effect.

2, photon hair removal once is effective?

a: photon hair removal typically requires three to five times to the hair clean, mainly because of hair growth should after growing period, regression stage, resting stage, freezing point in the growth period of hair do photon hair removal is 75% effective, regression period was 25%, the rest period almost null and void.

3, photons can reach depilating effect?

a: generally speaking, after a lot of, can achieve the goal of perfect hair, of course it is influenced by many factors.

4, affect the sweat after hair removal?

a: sweat depend mainly on small sweat glands, and sweat glands opening is not in the hair follicle, and photon hair removal is cleaning the hair follicle, won't hurt your sweat glands, so does not affect the metabolism of human body and the sweat. Photon hair removal is the principle of the selective principle of field: choose the wavelength of the role only in the melanin, and to the normal tissue of the skin.

5, hair will take off more and more black?

a: after the operation after the photon tender skin is the rest of the hair will become thin and the color becomes shallow. While shaving, defeathering, nair hair removal, stencil hair removal, etc. , the long-term use of these methods, the hair will gradually become coarse harden, black.

the photon tender skin instrument is beauty salon is very popular beauty equipment, not only can be hair removal, can also help to develop a variety of other beauty salon beauty project, is a very use of the equipment. Shanghai's beauty equipment manufacturers have many popular photon tender skin,

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