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Photon tender skin instrument can achieve the result of what

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin instrument can achieve the result that what

the photon tender skin machine this series of cosmetology instrument in the beauty industry, popular with the masses of friends, but for many of my friends want to do hairdressing is a bit strange, what do you want to be beauty, but don't know to choose which beauty equipment company, don't know to choose what kind of beauty equipment, because they don't know which kind of hairdressing instrument can achieve the result that they want. Underneath, small make up is to introduce the photon tender skin instrument this series of instrument can achieve what kind of cosmetic effect.

the photon tender skin instrument can achieve the result of what? HONKON photon tender skin is to use the IPL technology's thermal coagulation epidermis basement; It's intelligent words combination ( IPL + RF) , make these two big energy limited focuses on the mottled skin pigment group and dermal collagen tissue and hair follicle dermal papilla. RF technology provides a uniform heating almost the total energy of the skin layer and combined use of selective solar-thermal principle of IPL can reinforce tender skin, remove spots, and the effect of hair removal, in the case of no pain and side effects in patients with easily implement reconstruction of skin and hair removal. Especially for skin spots class pigmentary lesions, like freckles, spots, etc.

after the above elaboration, believe friends know can achieve the effect of the photon tender skin instrument. Beauty instrument to company specialized in the production of outstanding, has the quality of beauty equipment,

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