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Photon tender skin instrument do remove spots need several times

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Photon tender skin instrument do remove spots need several

the photon tender skin instrument produced by Shanghai's a multi-function cosmetology instrument, can be used for a variety of beauty project, remove spots, tender skin and hair removal. Many friends of beauty salon in choosing to use the photon tender skin instrument do remove spots for patients don't know to do a few times before you can achieve ideal result, Shanghai's expert to tell you.

skin spots by histopathologic to points can be divided into, epidermal and dermal spots such as freckles is caused by the epidermis melanin within populations, and chloasma is due to increased within the epidermis melanin, melanin in dermis or melanin caused by increasing both. Photon tender skin instrument according to its operation principle, according to different people, different operating position can give corresponding solutions. So, remove spots photon tender skin instrument do need a few times?

Shanghai method of photon tender skin is a collection of RF radio frequency technology, skin cooling technology and IPL ( Intense pulsed light) Technology for the integration of dispelling the spot operation device, it can be on the premise of full protection for skin use IPL technology hot solidified skin base, and then combined with RF radio frequency (RF) technology to make the energy limit on skin spots and dermal collagen tissue and hair follicle dermal papilla, achieve tender skin, remove spots and strengthen hair removal effect, to remove spots from the comfort of patients condition and the effect of hair removal. Shanghai's operating range of photon tender skin instrument not only that, but can also be used for operating vascular lesions, such as, facial blushing, varicose veins, etc. So, it is a multi-functional cosmetic instrument.

remove spots for photon tender skin instrument do need a few times, Shanghai's experts remind you that when operating freckles and chloasma this sex skin spots, according to each operating results to determine what needs to be done several times, usually need 4 - Five operation for many times, with the corresponding nursing, can achieve the ideal effect.

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