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Photon tender skin instrument for a much money

by:Vanoo      2021-02-03
Photon tender skin gauge how much money do a

everyone want their skin is pure white and flawless, but it happened that affected by various factors, it's easy to have a dark skin, pore bulky, spots and other skin problems, bring many troubles to beautiful people. Photon tender skin tester is a common beauty salon equipment, can solve a variety of skin problems, but a photon tender skin instrument is how many money?

photon tender skin tester, that is, it is often said the e light beauty instrument, is a collection of intense pulsed light technology, the RF radio frequency technology and epidermis cooling technology for the integrated intelligent system, non stripped skin reconstruction using intelligent combination of these three technology, photonic selective effect on the skin pigment or blood vessels, decompose splash, closed abnormal red blood silk, can remove spots, broken capillaries, desalt blain to imprint, make your skin restore health and beauty from inside to outside.

the photon tender skin beautiful skin almost no side effects, the selective principle of photon tender skin use, different wavelength of the photon can be absorbed by different skin pigment, because a photon tender skin is for problem skin, only this part of the pigment of skin can be absorbed, healthy skin cannot absorb photons, also won't hurt.

the photon tender skin instrument to do a how many money? This to seek beauty itself skin situation, the operator of the equipment and the charge standard, different urban consumption level and so on all has the certain relations, so according to the actual situation,

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