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Photon tender skin instrument have effect

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin instrument has effect

many friends can not only see on television of photon tender skin protect skin to taste advertising, can even be seen in many large and small beauty salon photon tender skin, the only stay in cognition level, do not understand, photon tender skin instrument have the effect really? Stefano together with you to know about the photon tender skin.

Shanghai method of photon tender skin, is a strong pulse phototherapy technology, skin cooling technology and RF technology for the integration of intelligent systems. The intense pulsed light direct skin base layer is absorbed by the pigment pathological tissues, smash and improve pigment production. Photon tender skin instrument can cause the recovery of collagen fiber and elastic fiber structure and make it has increased greatly, and the operating effects. Using special sapphire crystal, the bald super cooling effect, on the premise of comfort, achieve tender skin and hair removal, remove spots and other cosmetic effect.

the photon tender skin instrument operating range: endogenous pigmentary skin problems, including blue ubber-bleb nevus, age spots, freckles, fleck of chloasma, mottled pigmentation after inflammation, etc. ;

acne: 'furuncle acne, acne acne, allergic acne, acne, acne pit.

vascular lesions: congenital red blood silk, and simple blood capillary expansion.

tender skin: photon tender skin can remove wrinkles, shrink pores, improve skin quality, increase skin elasticity, improve acne sequela and so on, in order to achieve the operation of the tender skin effect.

hair removal: Shanghai method of photon tender skin instrument to expand the hair removal operations people, especially the light color of hair hair removal effect is satisfactory.

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