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Photon tender skin instrument to freckles

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin instrument to freckles?

it is no stranger to freckles, is a common facial spots skin problems, directly affect the person's facial appearance, caused a certain psychological pressure. Photon tender skin tester is a common beauty salon equipment, able to carry out a variety of beauty, is to help people solve the freckles troubles, so the photon tender skin tester to freckles? Small make up to answer for you now.

freckles is sun tan mottled pigmentation of the skin problems, related to seasons, sun, sun exposure can aggravate, after summer aggravate winter. Photon tender skin is IPL intense pulsed light, RF radio frequency (RF) and epidermal cooling technology for the integration of intelligent systems, IPL intense pulsed light can crack the epidermis basement, plus the combination of RF radio frequency energy, greater degree of play to the role of the thermal cracking freckle spots differentiation pigment, achieve the goal of removing freckles. Photon tender skin instrument because of the protective skin cooling technology, will not cause damage to the normal skin tissue, patients experience more comfortable.

the photon tender skin, tender skin instrument can not only hair removal and freckles effect is very good, no side effect, convenient operation, is accepted to freckles and beauty instrument. Photon tender skin instrument, due to the 3 - to freckles Five times, once a month, quickly remove freckles, also can improve facial red blood silk. Photon tender skin instrument to almost no scar after freckles, but attaches great importance to the postoperative nursing, freckles operating area is weak, easy to damage, but will recover within a week or two. Appear red and swollen situation is normal, one may be a bit serious, but will regress, need not too much worry and fear, also notice daily sunscreen, do not eat excitant greasy food, and so on.

the photon tender skin instrument to freckles? Actually e light beauty equipment is recognized to freckle effect better device, photon tender skin instrument belongs to one of these is no exception. The current popular photon tender skin instrument have QQ + e, etc. ,

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