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Photon tender skin instrument to help you to age spots

by:Vanoo      2021-02-04
Photon tender skin instrument to help you to the senile plaques

age spots, as its name implies is the older people long a spot, but this spot is also likely to occur in young people, and will affect the normal function of the body's organs, so the effects of age spots is larger. It is not easy to remove age spots, photon tender skin instrument to age spots effect is good, and powerful, let the photon tender skin instrument to help you go age spots.

what is the age spots? Age spots are brown or black, can occur in any parts of the body, especially in the head, torso and upper limb, majority is not higher than the skin, smooth surface increases with age, called & other; Senile plagues & throughout; , that is, it is often said of seborrheic keratosis. Age spots exists not only in the skin, and can appear in the heart, blood vessels, liver, and points will gland etc, affect each viscera function normally. Therefore, for age spots, must not treat STH lightly.

the photon tender skin instrument is a kind of e light beauty instrument, the photon tender skin instrument to age spots is a common method, relatively, make full use of selective solar-thermal intense pulsed light effect, by photon irradiation lesion effectively decompose melanin, the skin at the same time to achieve the purpose of tender skin to remove age spots. Photon tender skin to age spots won't appear skin damage, scar, etc. , the pain is small, after the skin exquisite and smooth operation, also won't produce side effects or stimulation, is an effective method to age spots.

the photon tender skin to age spots, the pathological changes of pigment position only certain wavelengths of light, will not damage the normal skin tissue, improve the operation of sex. The photon tender skin of Shanghai's company such as QQ + e, M60e + etc are very popular,

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